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We specialise in supplying standard apple trees, the apples from which, depending on the variety, can be used for making cider, for eating and juicing, and used for cooking. Standard trees have a clear stem of 1.8 metres (approximately 6 feet) when supplied.

Trees are supplied during the winter as they are then in a dormant state. See our list of cider varieties which are available and the details of the eating and juicing, and cooking varieties. All varieties are priced at £30.00 per tree. This price is on an ex nursery basis. Subject to a delivery charge, trees can be delivered throughout Devon, Dorset and Somerset. Fruit trees are Zero Rated for VAT.

The trees would be supplied bare rooted and are on M25 rootstocks.

Should you require trees which are ultimately less substantial than those on M25, we can supply some varieties on MM111 and MM106 (semi-vigorous) rootstocks. We can also supply, in some varieties, maiden (1 year old) trees at £9.50 per tree, and half standard trees at £18 each. Plum, Pear and Damson Trees are also available in standard, half standard and maiden trees.

We can also supply all the other items needed when planting our trees; 2.4 metre (8 feet) posts (these will need to be driven 0.6 of a metre into the ground), 1.8 metre (6 feet) guards and tree tying sundries.

2.4 metre (8 feet) - 75mm to 100mm at the top £4.90 + VAT

Welded mesh 38mm x 25mm / 14 gauge £12.20 + VAT
Welded mesh 75mm x 25mm / 12 gauge £15.40 + VAT

Tree tie/spacer blocks
28mm wide strapping £0.90 per metre + VAT
Spacer block for use with 28mm strapping £0.90 + VAT